How to record your HearthStone game [PC, Mac, Android]

HearthStone doesn’t have any built-in replay capability yet, and so the only way to share your game and get advice used to be to record and upload it to a video website like YouTube.

It’s now possible to recreate the game in the browser thanks to the logs provided by HearthStone itself: all the needed information is recorded, and viewers like Zero to Heroes let you replay the game. The unique aspect of Zero to Heroes is the focus on the game review: to help you spot your mistakes, learn from them and improve at the game.

Recording and uploading a game is thus now surprisingly simple:


It’s now possible (and recommended) to record and upload your game without the need of video recording (see here to see a full game). Compared to a full video, the file is so small it is uploaded in a few seconds, and you can interact with the replay (easily move forward / back in the turn, mouse over the cards, and so on). Also, once you have everything setup, all your games will be automatically recorded – no need to fire up a video recording software beforehand.

You have two programs that let you do that today

Hearthstone Deck Tracker

  1. Download and install Hearthstone Deck Tracker (and optionally download Arena Helper if you want to record your Arena drafts). It’s a free software that will add an overlay on top of the Hearthstone window to track stats during the game. Please see the FAQ if you want to know everything HDT can bring to your game.
  2. You can then either download the Zero to Heroes HDT plugin or upload your files manually (continue reading to know how)
  3. Launch HDT. You can also launch Hearthstone directly from HDT if you like.
  4. Play a game – it will be recorded automatically.
    1. If you use the Zero to Heroes plugin, the game is uploaded automatically to your Zero to Heroes account, and you can stop here
    2. If not, the game is automatically uploaded to This is fine if you just intend to watch the game, but if you’d like to analyze the plays and discuss your choices with others, you’ll probably want to import it to Zero to Heroes (see the Import from External site section below)
    3. Otherwise, the recorded game will be a .hdtreplay file in C:\Users\<user_name>\AppData\Roaming\HearthstoneDeckTracker\Replays. Note: the AppData folder is hidden. If you can’t see it, just manually type \AppData after your current path in the Windows Explorer bar
  5. You can then upload it online to discuss your plays with other players. Zero to Heroes already lets you do that:
      1. Go to and click on Upload
      2. Select Game Replay, and choose your file (or drop it in the zone)
      3. You can then review your game and add comments if you want to.


Overwolf is a multi-game application that has Hearthstone support. Once you complete your Hearthstone session, you’ll have the possibilities to see the replays of all the games you’ve played during this session.

While we’re working on making sharing as easy as clicking a button, you can already upload your games quite easily to Zero to Heroes. To do so:

  • Go to %localappdata%/Overwolf/ZeroToHeroes/Replays (you can just paste that in the Windows Exporer address bar). You’ll find all your game replays there
  • Then go to the Zero to Heroes upload page:
  • From here, you can drag and drop the game you want to share.

Arena Tracker

  1. Download and install Arena Tracker. It’s a free software that will add an overlay on top of the Hearthstone window to track your games or provide advice on your arena drafts. The site itself provides all the installation instructions you need.
    1. Note: you won’t be able to easily have Arena Tracker and Hearthstone Deck Tracker installed at the same time, so choose the one you like best 🙂
  2. Launch Arena Tracker. The first time you’ll be asked for some information.
    1. Play a game – it will be recorded automatically. The recorded game will be a .arenatracker file in the HS Cards/GameLog folder of your Arena Tracker directory
  3. The upload procedure is the same as described above – except that you have to select the .arenatracker file instead 🙂

ArenaDrafts automatically records, well, your arena drafts. They have tons of cool features (like sharing live the current pick/draft to get real-time discussions), and have a detailed guide on how to upload the draft to Zero to Heroes.

Import a game from an external site

You can also import games or drafts from some external sites (HearthArena, ArenaDrafts and HSReplay are the most popular today). To do so:

  • Go to Upload > External site
  • Paste the URL of the site you wish to import from
  • Et voilà!


Game logs

It is now possible to simply take your game log file and upload it online:

  1. Enable logging
  2. The log file is then located at <your_hearthstone_installation_folder>/Logs/Power.log or Power_old.log
  3. Important: the file is erased when you restart HearthStone, so take care to upload your games before relaunching the game
  4. The upload works as described for the previous section of the guide. The exception being that, since you will most likely be uploading several games at once, the upload screen will look like this:
  5. Once the upload completes, the Title, Player and Opponent names and classes will be automatically prefilled – you just need to add the info for the game level.
  6. By default all games are uploaded as “private” (only you can access them), and you can change the visibility either on this screen or later on for each individual game

On Mac

  • Arena Tracker now allows Mac users to record and upload your games! The installation procedure is the same as in the above section and described on the official site.
  • You can also upload your game logs, as described in the section above

Since patch 7.1, logs aren’t available on Android anymore, so for now we don’t have a good solution to record and upload games.

On Android (tablet and phone)

Log files

The easiest way to replay your games. There are two steps to this:

  1. First time only: Enable logging as described on this reddit post. The content of the newly created log.config should be this:



  2. Play HS normally. Your games will be logged in the Power.log file from your hearthstone Log folder (exact installation path depends on the file explorer you’re using, but it’s always something like Android/data/com.blizzard.wtcg.hearthstone/files/Logs)
  3. Important: the file is erased when you restart HearthStone, so be sure to upload your games before relaunching the game
  4. You can then upload your logs as described in the above section of the guide.

  • Tim Braun

    When I tried to enable logging on my Android Phone, the Guide provided didn’t seem acurate anymore – or at least the screenshot showing the content of the “files” folder was outdated. I created the config file in that directory anyway, played a game and exited hearthstone, but no log was created. Too bad really, my testgame was hilarious – the priest I was playing against forgot twice what his auchenai does…
    It may be beneficial to move the instructions here so you can edit them yourselves.

  • Very informative! Thanks for showing clearly how to record heartstone. I always use acethinker screen recorder to record gameplay on my macbook pro, free and works pretty well. It is a web-based tool that lets you record your screen right from your browser. It doesn’t require you to install any additional plug-ins or add-ons. Share it here as an alternative method.