Being passionate about sport, a way to improve together

Sport feels good right? Whatever your physical condition or the weather, everytime it feels so good. Tennis, running, volley-ball, any sport, it’s all the same. You don’t think about work anymore. You stop worrying. You just enjoy the activity, the exhaustion of your body. It clears your mind. And there is more to it. The intelligence of the sport. The pleasure of competing with your friends. The individual goal to progress. This is a passion we all have and would not give up easily. Almost like a drug.

When I met Seb, I was strucked by his passion about squash. He would go to the courts, three, four times a week. I have had the opportunity to play with him once. He gave me some advice about my position and how I should strike the ball. Indeed my technique was kind of nonexistant, I was just running a lot, playing crazy balls and having fun. But I was looking to get better. And he was enjoying giving the advice. Advice he had learned from coaches and friends and he was teaching me then.

His idea of building Zero to Heroes came after two years of playing squash intensively. This was not enough for him. Despite the weekly coaching trainings, he was desperate to improve and know what he was doing wrong during competitions. So he thought about a way to solve his problem: the video analysis.

Have you tried to record yourself playing and watch the video afterwards? Feels pretty awful right? Watching our own mistakes. How can we play so badly while we thought it was ok? Despite the awkward feeling, it happens to be very useful to watch ourselves play. And if a better player can review the video and specifically highlight a wrong move and show the proper one, then it’s gold.
While it’s not new to share a video to get relevant advice on how you play, there is no dedicated place for it today. There are sports forums indeed with the proper audience but no video integration. Videos will be uploaded on youtube which however does not contain enough tools for an efficient analysis system.

Zero to Heroes was born.

My passion is real-time strategy video games. It’s not the same as running on a squash court for sure. But it feels as good. I get the same excitement as competing with friends or even strangers, and I strive to get better and climb the ranks. And when I’m learning some knowledge about the games, I love to share it with others.

So we realized that Zero to Heroes could be the place for squash, but also for League of Legends, then in theory for any (e-)sport you could get a personalized feedback on.

Learn new things and help others, that’s what we’re trying to achieve everyday.